Ask Don Yager… I have over thirty years of experience appraising bamboo rods, antique reels and creels. If you are interested in rules of thumb, off the cuff remarks and sometimes wild ass guesses, write me at with a complete description of your item and I will respond with an open market price. An open market price is what you might sell the item for at a fly fishing show, an on-line auction, or by advertising in your local newspaper.

Written insurance appraisals are available for free if you bring the item into Jesse Brown’s Outdoors at 4732 Sharon Road on the second floor in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Please give me a call at 803.487.1503 to make an appointment. Insurance appraisals are quoted at 100% of fair market value, that is, what it would cost to replace that item today.

Occassionally, I may offer to buy your item for my own collection. I look forward to hearing from you.

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