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Don Yager and Bill Bartee, owner of Jesse Brown’s Outdoor Store, host Carolina Outdoors a talk show on WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Tune to 1110 AM or 99.3 FM from 5:00AM to 6:00AM every Saturday.

Learn what’s happening in outdoor activities in North and South Carolina.

We talk about fishing, hiking, camping, climbing and other sports.


2 Responses to On Air

  1. Mark Shill says:


    You should post that 26″ rainbow. The picture is great. Thanks for a great time. Landing the “BIG” one was as much fun fishinf as I had. I learned a lot and already forgot a lot. Let me know if you want that picture. Thanks again.


  2. Bob Miller says:

    I spoke to you Friday at Meadow Wood Farms about the possibility of shooting lessons. I don’t see anything on your website that covers shooting. Can you give me some information on times, cost, etc? I have two friends who would also like to participate.

    Bob Miller

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