Fishing In North Carolina

Fishing in North Carolina Angler Services customize a one to one Fly-Fishing clinic to provide you with a personal guide and instructor for the day. Or you can choose to share a guy with two people. We provide all the equipment, a hearty breakfast and lunch at streamside. You need to purchase a fishing license good for the North Carolina State at any Wal-Mart. Each one-day clinic is guides by an expert anglers who teach all the basics you need to get started.

Depending on your needs and experience our guide will cover:

  • Tackle selection and maintenance
  • Knot tying and rigging
  • Catch and release stream etiquette
  • Overhead, Sidearm and roll casting
  • Line control and management
  • Nymphing theory and entomology
  • Wet and dry flies.

A typical fishing day stars at dawn with a drive to a local river. We stop along the way for a hearty breakfast. We begin the day a streamside with the donning of waders, vests and boots. Then we explain rods, lines and flies and review stream etiquette. You will then spend the entire day learning and practicing casting, line control and releasing fish safely. Call Don Yager at 704.556.0020 and join us for a day of fun in outdoors!

2 Responses to Fishing In North Carolina

  1. Derek Stone says:

    just saw you on Carolina Outdoors with Bill and Jay.

    I am a canoeist and do overnight trips on the Landsford. I am absolutely horrible on a spin rod and picked up fly fishing. I find it a heck of a lot more fun catching bream and little bass on a white popper (the only fly I use)….

    I would like to congratulate you on you and yours, catching that huge bass (bigger than any ive ever caught) on a flyrod.

    either way, congrats.

  2. Nolan Dee says:

    Hi Mr. Yager
    My name is Nolan Dee and I believe I me you at Jesse Brown’s about 2 weeks ago. My friend and I were talking and I was just wondering how much it would cost for a 2 person day trip (me and my friend) to the Davidson River or Wilson Creek would cost?

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